Challenges for the coming club year will be issued when the committee meets after the current restrictions are lifted.


Summer Panel, date due in will be advised when we know about current restrictions.

Guidelines and requirements see below:-


CHALLENGE   Summer Panel (i.e. a project for the summer) – also known as Mini Panel. This challenge is popular and will remain on the list for 2020

The theme is OPEN  (you choose)  and prints must be  presented in COLOUR 

The idea behind this challenge is to explore a subject or theme you particularly like in more detail than other club challenges involving a single image.   All images on your panel should relate to your chosen theme, forming a cohesive unit  –  the panel will be assessed as a whole, not as individual prints. It might help to think of the panel as a composition, put together with the care you bring to composing each image.

This challenge is very popular with members.  This information sheet is a reminder for members who have entered before and to help new members who might be unfamiliar with a ‘Mini Panel’.


Images: Your panel should be made up of  6 prints,  A5 size (i.e., approximately 15 cm x 20cm / 6 ins x 8.5 ins). Please stay close to this size so that all panel entries are the same size.

Mounting: Stick your prints to an A2 sheet of card (approx. 400 mm x 600 mm // 16 ins x 24 ins) – the arrangement of the images is important: they should present a pleasing composition in two rows each row having  3 images.  You are not expected to ‘window mount’ your images. Here ‘mounting’ means sticking the images to a piece of card in order to display them as described.

Label: Stick a label on the back of the mount which gives 

  • your club number
  • the panel title
  • your category (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Text: Include a short (100 words max) note about your panel – the thinking behind your choice theme, your reason for choosing specific shots, etc… 

DATE FOR SUBMISSION  date for submission will be advised when restrictions are lifted.

Examples of Panels  for guidance

An example from last year from a club member when  all images had to be black and white.  The middle images are well chosen for shape .  The images at the end of each row have detail facing inwards and this begins and finishes the row well.  However there are other ways to complete a panel:  upright images at each end are fine too.  People for example can face inwards.  There are many choices available when working out the balance of your chosen subject matter. Another panel in colour which is required for 2019’s mini panel. These panels are examples. 

In this club challenge images should be printed approximately A5 size (see above info) and can be horizontal, portrait, or a mixture. A club member’s panels are used here to avoid copyright issues.  The subject matter as already said is wide open and members’ responses are always a delight to see.

Example from 2018

Images need to be in colour for 2020’s Mini Panel – Summer Challenge





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