Challenge Rules

Images will be judged on:

*How well an image fits the theme



*Sharp where it needs to be, unless not intended to be by the photographer



*Two A4 Prints on a firm backing for ease of handling (an A4 piece of card is adequate – do not use a full mount);

*Black&White or Colour (depending on the Challenge description)


*2000 pixels on the longest side

*Jpeg quality 10

*SRGB colour space

*Black&White or Colour (depending on the Challenge description)

*Category: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

*Entry name: title_Category_MembershipNumber – (if you don't yet have a Membership Number, please use your initials)

For example if you are Intermediate level and are entering an image titled ‘Winter Landscape’ and your club number is 99 your file should be named: Intermediate_Winter Landscape_99

Challenges 2020/2021
  • May
  • June
  • Summer Panel

"A Moment in Lockdown"


Digital submission, 2 images

Members are free to interpret challenge widely, colour or black&white. Subject of your choice. Any image you are inspired to take inside your house or outside in your garden , if you have one. The Coronavirus restrictions must not be broken for this challenge. Images must have been taken on or after the date of the lockdown (27th March 2020) Keeping to the requirement that your images are taken in your house or garden is how images will be judged as to how it "fits the theme"

Please submit before Sunday 17th May, 2020



1st – Day 45 – Catherine Friend

2nd – Taste of Home – Darragh Kinsella

3rd – Natures social distance – Patrick Kavanagh


Joint 1st – Woodpecker 1 – Jim Foran

Joint 1st – They Don’t Grow on Trees!! – Ann McCafferty

2nd – Orion Nebula over Tinnock Wexford – Paul Whitton

3rd – Grey Heron – Jim Foran


Joint 1st – Teaching from home – Alan Mahon

Joint 1st – Months Mind Covid-19 – Finbarr Healy

2nd – Beauty Still Here – Marie Phelan

3rd – Fragility– Kristin Gray Photography


"Black and White" – Open Theme


Digital submission, 2 images

First and foremost all challenges are organised as an opportunity to gain valuable critique on images and for some the competitive element can be secondary.

Images entered in this challenge must have been taken in the last two years.

For this challenge black and white is defined as images that do not have any element of "spot colour" such as a street scene in black&white andthen the post box remains green. The subject matter is your choice

Please submit before Friday 19th of June, 2020

Additional information if you usually photograph in colour: Black and White photography offers powerful possibilities. Graphic elements of shape and form, texture, line and proportion come to the fore in black and white when the distraction of colour is left behind. If colour is the most important element in an image then it probably will not convert as well in black and white. A blue sky is beautiful. In black and white interesting clouds become more important, as a blue can look very flat when the image is converted. Some colours convert better than others.

Experiment with different conversion techniques from colour into black and white for this challenge. It is nearly always necessary to increase image contrast carefully as a starting point. If black and white is not your usual choice there is a lot of information online or club members experienced in this could be asked to help.

Best of Luck





Summer Panel

"Summer Panel"


Print submission, 6 images arranged in a panel

Please submit before tbc.