2018 Challenge: NATURE

Due date:   Monday February 12th, 2018

General Points:

Interpret Nature as widely as possible bearing in mind the following:- An  image showing any creature wild or domesticated is allowed.  Domesticated as in farm animals is allowed but no cats or dogs please as in domestic animals (pets). Any living plant (cultivated or otherwise) or any feature of a plant or life form that has lived is allowed.  Life forms such as  funghi, fish, insects, mammals etc. are allowed. Any weather phenomenon to show the natural world is allowed such as hurricane, storm etc.



  • First   –   “Mount Leinster Chilling” by Finbarr Healy
  • Second   –  “The Forest Floor” by Enda Murphy
  • Third  –  “Rocky the Robin” by Cora O’Leary

Winning Images:

IMG_6017 (2)
First – Mount Leinster Chilling by Finbarr Healy


  • Joint First  –  “Damsel” by Kevin Carroll  and
  • Joint First  –  “Tides Out” by Ann McCafferty
  • Second  –  “Butterflies” by Kate Aru
  • Joint Third  –  “Not Moving till you go Away” by John Dunbar and
  • Joint Third  –  “Lizard” by Kate Aru

Winning Images:


  • First  –  “Fruit for Dinner” by John Kehoe
  • Joint Second  –  “Through a Raindrop” by Michael Kelly and
  • Joint Second  –  “Fresh Fish” by John Kehoe
  • Joint Third  –  “Sweet Peas with Glass” by Marie Phelan and
  • Joint Third  –  “Morning Light” by Ann Hyland

Winning Images:

Congratulations to all! Well done!


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