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You can submit 2 images. Check with the list as some challenges will need to be prints.  Images should be no more than two years old.  Digital images should be : size 2400 on the longest side, jpeg quality 10, SRGB colour space.  Email to wexfordcc@gmail.com by the submission deadline.  Prints should be no more than size A4 and submitted at the club meeting by the deadline date. Prints should be glued to a firm piece of card A4 for better handling by the judge.   Prints should not be mounted.  Judging - images should fit the theme and will be awarded a maximum of 20 marks with  a maximum of 5 for each of the following:  exposure, sharpness (as appropriate), composition and impact. There are three categories of entrant:  beginner , intermediate and advanced and first, second and third winners in each category for each challenge theme.

At the end of the year there will be awards and an award for Photographer of the Year  for beginner, intermediate and advanced.

For all challenges, print or digital, up to two images can be submitted.

Challenge List
1.  Take Something Ordinary In An Uncommon Way.  Submission - Digital

Suggestions to help participants:
Look at the familiar/ordinary/the everyday around you and photograph it so that you reveal it in an ususual way
Examples:objects/people/animals around the house, food, utensils, etc...
or something familiar out and about - landscape, street, buildings, waterfront, nature, etc.  We hope there will be lots of scope in this challenge to get your creative skills going. Entries can be in colour or black and white.

  2.  Portrait.

3.  Open  (Theme)  6 print images (7" x  5" each image) in a mini panel two rows of three.  All the images should have a connection or link with each other.  More information on this challenge will be given before the summer break.  To be submitted on Monday September the 4th at our first meeting after the summer break.  
#  This 3rd  challenge is 'open' so you can choose your theme - so no constraints on subject matter to fit your chosen theme.            

#For this challenge six images printed on A5 photopaper in two rows of 3 suitable for the theme you have chosen are required.  Presentation is simple.  They can be glued on to a suitably sized piece of card.  The images can be portrait format, landscape format or a mixture of both - whatever looks good. The images  do not need a mount. All entrants should please supply a statement  to explain your chosen theme and what it means to you and what your intend to achieve with the images/panel.

4.  Black and White Open theme.

Although not strictly a challenge the club exhibits in Kilmore Quay during the food festival and the theme will be published soon.

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